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Puppy Class

Saturday 9-10 am

We sometimes run a Tuesday evening class as well, contact us for further information.

Our puppy classes will help get your relationship off on the right foot. We will help you train your puppy to be a well mannered member of the family, using only methods that build a great relationship and do not scare or intimidate. This is for puppies up to the age of 5 months.


PLEASE give us a call as soon as you get your puppy - or before!  The early weeks of your puppy's life are vitally important in establishing the right foundation so if you miss the start date for a new intake please still call us to discuss options.

You are very welcome to come and watch a class without your puppy first, please let us know if you would like to do this.

Adult Beg.webp

Adult Beginners

Tuesday evening (contact us for times)

For dogs over 6 months old.

This class will help you build the relationship you have with your dog and teach your dog to listen to you in an environment where other dogs are present too. We help you teach all the basics and some fun tricks too. 


Each dog needs the space to be able to work safely and interact calmly, focusing on you.  We work  to ensure that each session is fun and interactive, and with your help, a safe place for each dog present.  


Adult LifeSkills

Saturday morning

Our Adult Lifeskills course is for dogs that are following on from puppy class, or who have basic level of obedience and are sociable with other dogs. We continue to build on the foundations to increase your dogs reliability and performance with increasing distractions to give you the essential tools for the real world - a reliable recall, a solid stay and a rock-steady relationship with your dog! We introduce different activities for you and your dog to enjoy together.


Reactive Beginners

Not currently running but contact us for waiting list. 

Small group sessions for dogs that need additional space and support to work in a group environment.  These sessions are intended to give owners the skills to manage dogs that may react inappropriately to other dogs or people on walks.

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Bronze/Silver - currently full.  Intake from our Adult Lifeskills only

Build and strengthen core skills while exploring fun new activities and skills for your dog.   Our bronze and silver clients enjoy trying out tricks, scent work and other activities, generalising and proofing their core self-control and response skills and generally having a good time with their owners!


One to One Sessions

If you are unsure whether a group environment will be right for your dog, if you have a new rescue dog or puppy and would like to work on lifeskills before joining class, or if you have specific training needs for your dog that you would like to address, contact us about one to one training.

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