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Behaviour Counselling

SEPTEMBER 2023:  I have limited capacity for new clients and am only seeing cases in the immediate Cambridge area and North Cambridge villages.  Outside of these areas, please look on the ABTC website for other local practitioners.  


We offer a behaviour counselling service and one to one remedial and rehabilitation training in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire.  

Susannah is a fully qualified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (Registered Practitioner with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council) and a full member of The Canine Behaviour and Training Society and the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors.  

It is essential to seek advice from a suitably qualified practitioner about your pet's behaviour, who will work on veterinary referral, particularly if the issues involve aggressive behaviour towards people or other animals or involve fear or other distress for your pet.   If unsure about someone's qualifications, seek further advice from your vet. 


What we offer:

  • A behaviour consultation is £180.    Follow up visits may be required for more complex or multiple behavioural issues, or where multiple dogs are involved.  These can be booked individually.

  • If you have an urgent issue with your dog, are unsure whether your dog requires a full behaviour consultation or if cost is an issue, please contact us to discuss  options.  We do not want anyone to feel unable to access behaviour support for their dog. 

There are no guarantees with behaviour - every animal and every household is unique.  Changing your dog's behaviour is likely to involve a combination of making changes to your dog's environment and lifestyle/routine, changing the way you and others interact with them and potentially considering how to change your dog's internal environment through diet change, supplements or medication.  If you are not prepared to make changes then your dog's behaviour will not change!

Separation Distress

Separation Issues can be treated through remote consultations. There are a number of specialists in this area now so I do not normally carry out consultations for separation related issues but would recommend you contact a Clinical Animal Behaviourist who has undertaken additional training and certification in this field.

"It's important that the behaviour expert identified is someone with the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to treat your pet. Anyone can call themselves a behaviour expert, but many do not possess up-to-date knowledge or the necessary skills required to treat pets with behaviour problems.Inappropriate or outdated advice or methods may adversely affect your pet’s welfare and even make your pet’s behaviour problem worse." (RSPCA website).

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